How Much Are Old PC’s Costing Your Business?

As an SME, you are constantly battling to do more each day with greater efficiency. Each capital investment you make has to last, SME’s on average only replace PCs every five to seven years. BUT, is the “They Still Work” strategy actually saving you money? Do you know how much old PC’s are actually costing your business. Old PCs can drain time and money away from your business in hidden ways, slow start-up time, slow save time, freeze up time when running multiple applications, and the internet running slow.  A white paper by Techaisle states machines that are over 4 years old have twice the amount of downtime per year 42 hours against newer models at just 21 hours.

A new PC will return minutes throughout the day to your time-strapped employees performing operations as simple as computer startup and shutdown, running multiple applications at once, and establishing remote connections to your network. This is confirmed through Microsoft’s latest press release, its update of Windows 10 brings with it a host of improvements, including enhanced performance and security for Edge browser and better overall performance, including a 30 per cent faster boot time.

These cumulative time savings add up throughout the day to dozens of hours per week for your business—time your staff could spend making more sales calls, helping more customers, and coming up with more product ideas.

SO how much are OLD PCs costing your business?

If your OLD PC eats as little as 10 minutes out your day, over 232 working days a year with an average UK wage at £13.50 an hour, the time wasted would equate to a loss of £522 a year per PC.

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Proactive Monitoring Software Rolled Out

As a leader in technology innovation, we are always looking how to improve the service levels we offer to our clients. To this end in May 2015, we have made a major investment in an automated proactive IT monitoring software. The monitoring software is the market leader, Labtech.


With over 500 built in monitors, one of the greatest benefits of proactive monitoring is less downtime. Because we can proactively monitor and fix issues before they interrupt your business, we can reduce system outages. We can proactively monitor virus updates, ensure antivirus programs are enabled and that regular backups are taking place. Even common problems like running out of drive space can be handled proactively because we can see what’s going to happen and take action long before an incident takes place.

Matt McLaughlin (senior support engineer) responsible for the roll out  stated, “Labtech has enabled us to automate many of our IT processes and tasks, for example we are now able to create, edit and deploy policies with a single click, we can automate fixes and carry out preventative maintenance activities, Labtech provides alarm conditions for a wide range issues including backup failures, shortage of disc space, system scans and fragmentations.”

Our clients are already feeling the benefits of greater up time to their systems and our plan is to develop this product further for the benefit of our customers.

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First Major Update for Windows 10 Available November 2015

Microsoft have reached their next milestone as the first major update to Windows 10 is now available for PCs and tablets. With this update, there are improvements in all aspects of the platform and experience, including thousands of partners updating their device drivers and applications for great Windows 10 compatibility. Windows 10 also starts rolling out to Xbox One and select mobile phones soon.

But most importantly, with this free update Microsoft have reached the point in the platform’s maturity where they can confidently recommend Windows 10 deployment to whole organisations.
The update brings with it a host of improvements, including enhanced performance and security for Edge browser and better overall performance, including a 30 per cent faster boot time. The company also announced additional capabilities for Cortana, however, these are currently limited to the US.

With much more with improvements to Mail, Calendar, Photos, Groove, Xbox, Store, OneNote, Solitaire, and more!

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NP Projects welcomes their latest recruit

Dave Quinn, joined NP Projects in August and will be taking up the role of New Business Team Leader and will be responsible for bringing new clients on-board. With 14 years of experience working in a the customer service sector Dave is relatively new to the IT industry, this means he has to ask lots of questions enabling him to gain an exact understanding of what our customers really want.

Brian Cosgrove, Commercial Director of NP Projects, said: “As part of our business growth strategy and digital marketing plan, Dave was recruited to help move things forward. Dave has vast experience regarding the management of teams and winning new business.  He has already made significant improvements to the new business department and we are delighted at his move to NP Projects.”

Dave added: “I am really excited to take on the role of New Business Team Leader at NP Projects, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. I look forward to learning more and showing our potential clients the fantastic services we are able to offer.”


New website Launched in association with Bold Online Marketing

Welcome to our new website, the launch of the site has created a quick and easy way to navigate our extensive range of services. The website is fully responsive across PC, tablet and smart devices which further demonstrates our commitment to growth and expansion, cementing our position as the leading Managed IT Service Provider in the area.

Dean Ross, Operations Director of NP Projects , added “We felt that the time had come to update our online presence , the new site has a more professional, modern and crisp look, whilst being far easier to navigate.”

The website will be updated on a regular basis, with new content, news about NP Projects, the latest product and technology news, as well as tips and advice.

We hope you like the look of the new website and look forward to any feedback.