Our IT Solutions include:

Data Backup Solutions

Having a reliable and secure backup copy of your data is business critical, but many small and medium business fail to ensure this. If you have a working backup solution or not, whether its stored locally, remotely or online, or if you are looking to improve your backup solution, we can advise you on a best solution for your needs.

VOIP Solutions

VOIP can significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional telephony PBX systems. VOIP enables centralised reception and seamless dialing across multiple business locations, plus call forwarding, Caller ID, voicemail, clean transfers and call conferencing. If considering changes to your PBX or telephony system, want to know how VOIP could benefit your business, contact us now our staff are waiting to help you.

Virus, Malware & Spam Solutions

Every day 1 million new pieces of malware, computer viruses or other malicious software are created and the problem is growing. Initially virus infections were the problem but today Malware is more insidious and can encrypt all your files, collect usernames, passwords bank transactions etc. or enable identity theft and fraud. Hundreds of products exist to combat these software infections, but also the right policies and procedures are needed as well to reduce the risks. Spam is also increasing wasting time and resources. For advice to combat Viruses, Malware & Spam problems contact us now.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless data network solutions provide connectivity to office networks, wireless hotspots, plus point to point and point to multipoint locations. Wireless networks provide convenient and flexible access, are easily deployed and can be a very cost effective solution. On the flip side, they present additional security issues, they are slower and less reliable than equivalent cabled networks. If you are considering a wireless solution let us help you get it right, we can also setup your wireless solution and support its operation.

IT Security Solutions

We are experienced in solutions to combat unauthorised access to data and IT systems, utilising processes, procedures and products including firewalls, encryption, plus perimeter and internet security solutions. We can help you assess the risks and implement IT security solutions to minimise these risks to an acceptable level.

Email Solutions

If you are having email problems including blacklisting, emails not being delivered or received, email to mobile device issues or email storage and archive problems we can resolve these quickly for you. If you are looking to update your email solution to Microsoft 365 or exchange server or need to add or remove email addresses, or manage your domain names we can quickly provide the email solution you need. Contact us now to find out more.

Server & Virtualisation Solutions

If you need to restrict staff access to sensitive data, have problems caused by duplicated files with many revisions on lots of PC’s, or you are looking to centralise business data, a server might be the solution. There are many server hardware and software options available including virtualised servers. To ensure you get the right server solution for your business now and going forward contact NP Projects, we have successfully planned and implemented hundreds of new server installations and server migrations.

Connectivity & Infrastructure Solutions

In delivering connectivity & infrastructure solutions for business across the UK including, headquarters, branch offices, or remote staff, we have considerable experience in specifying, installing and maintaining connectivity solutions including broadband, VPN and SIP. If your IT infrastructure is poorly designed or poorly installed, even if you have top of the range network equipment running on it, your data network will give poor network speeds, be expensive to maintain and be prone to intermittent failure resulting in business disruption. Use our experience to help you implement solutions that are fit for purpose and cost effective, for help with your Connectivity & Infrastructure issues contact us now.

For business IT solutions, let our vast experience in helping business select and implement IT solutions across multivendor infrastructures, steer you clear of time consuming and costly mistakes with IT and help you get things right first time regarding changes to your IT.

We have partnered with leading IT manufactures to be able to offer a wide selection of solutions and to have direct access to latest product information and technical backup.

Whether you are assessing a move of your IT to the cloud, improving remote IT access for staff or, looking at IT security we are the people to talk to.

Our infrastructure solutions including server virtualisation, Voice Over IP telephony have helped many businesses reduce costs and get the maximum from their investment in IT.

We will help you plan, design and implement your IT solutions to agreed timescales and project manage the changes. Contact us via our contact form or call us today on 0845 094 9101.